Our mission is to preserve Florida’s unique ecosystem by protecting the endangered species of the Florida Panther, while promoting economic development of Southwest Florida.

Because of Florida’s appeal, the population and subsequent development in Florida has been growing exponentially over the last two decades. Unfortunately, human population often grows at the expense of wildlife populations. Florida has the 2nd highest number of endangered species in the USA and as the population grows and metropolitan areas sprawl out; the amount of panther habitat continues to dwindle.

Florida PantherWhile growth may be inevitable, loss of endangered species unique to Florida doesn’t have to be. Florida Panther Conservation was created to give that inevitable land development of Florida an outlet to protect the endangered Florida Panther.

Florida Panther Conservation Bank is a conservation bank that proactively preserves the large, contiguous and viable tracts of Florida Panther habitat. Through a combination of comprehensive large-scale planning and a coordinated mitigation strategy, the Florida Panther Conservation Bank reduces conflicts and costs between development and conservation aims, thereby increasing the ecological effectiveness of our conservation strategy.